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01 Ogos 2010

Too Early Birds Did Not Catch The Early Worm.

Brunei recently and currently hit by long and heavy rain. These effected several outdoor activities such as strolling around the city especially during His Majesty birthday celebration. Therefore, on last Saturday, I went to 'Gerai Perayaan' in Bandar Seri Begawan. So, what is 'Gerai Perayaan' foreigner?

It is an annual event held once a year for a month in July. Its was held because its one of the event during the His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, 29th Sultan of Brunei's Birthday which fall on every 15th July. In this event, lots of things were being sell such as food.

Other things also being sell here included bags, cloths and toys.

However, most people who come here hunt the market for their foods which some of it only available during the His Majesty birthday. Actually, the purpose of the market at the early time was to provide the people who attend other event in the town with foods and drinks.

People also come here to buy dinners so that it can be eat when they come home after enjoying other events in the town. Usually other event which includes sports and showcase start at 8 pm.

One of the example of the other event is live performance such as singing performance by local artists or religious show.

So, during the event, the people may buy these local snacks to enjoy the show. There are lots of local snacks that can be buy here, vary from one booth to another.

This is one of the favourite snack of Bruneian: 'Sotong Tutuk'. A piece of cuttlefish are fry until it dry before being flattened with a hammer. Then it is put into a plastic bag before a sweet and spicy sauce are also being pour into the plastic bag.

Fresh local fruits are also being sell here and the fruits are like hot cakes, just like the food.


Mangosteen and langsat.



More food can be spotted here such as but the market only become live only during the night. So, you will see:

Close booth.

Nearly empty street.

Empty tray.

So, it is advisable for all especially the tourist to come during the night. And also come during only July. However, during other months, the Bandar Seri Begawan also held similar event but in small size which opens only in Saturday night until the next morning. Brings some small money about BND 2 and you can get a rice with a portion of chicken and a can drink for dinner. By then, have a good stay in Brunei! Click HERE for the rest of the photo. Bye!

p.s.: this is one of my favorite from the event! (below)

Kueh Malaya. A pan cake top with crush nut before it is fold. Awesome eaten when its still hot!

28 Julai 2010

Can't Eat? Go To Hospital!

If human have their own health center to heal them from diseases and illness, animal too have their own health center. In Brunei, there are several private Animal Clinic. And the cost nearly the same like the human medication.

This cat is one of the first cat that my family adopted. From his age, he's nearly 6 years old and according to the scientific research, he's already in his old age which make him vulnerable for several infections and diseases.

Today, I will like to brought him to the 'Government' Animal Clinic which is situated in Rimba near to Lambak Kiri Housing Area. This government-run animal health center nearly the same like the Government hospital and clinics.

And the animal too have their health and appointment card, just like human do. However, this card is shared among the animal of one owner. So, for example: if the owner have 30 cats (impossible? but its possible here in Brunei), so the cats have to share 1 card.

In order to transport the sick animal to the health center, several method can be used. For some owner, they will use plastic animal cage. But for me, I always use the plastic basket, cheap and easy to be handle. Some owner used huge steel cage because of the size of their animal. (God, I have seen a cat as huge as a normal human toddler.)

So, if you are using the plastic basket, make sure to put several pieces of old newspaper pages into it and also brings some bundles of newspaper with you because cat sometimes will have a nature call out of nowhere. Do not put food into the basket because everything like hell break lose inside later after sometimes.

So, this is the place. Located at Rimba, near to Lambak Kiri Housing Area, this government facilities have several services for the people. If you are importing cats or any pets from foreign countries, they will be quarantine here. Same like plants too.

This is the building where all the animal are treated.

You can find the Animal Clinic by its sign outside of the building.

But today is my unluckiest day. The clinic closed. I will revisit the clinic this Monday.

This clinic offer the cheapest price in town on healing the animal as well as offer some surgery for only a dollar for one animal. I have try the private clinic and it cost me BND 40 for antibiotics and injections which only cost a dollar here. Also, the medicine provided here is free.

02 Julai 2010

Holiday again.

Well, the school at last inform the result of the exam and the answer is, I'm gonna leave behind for a year which mean I have plenty of holidays to be fill with. And the first day of my holiday have been spend on just in my room. And today, I come back to school, my old school. A time where I am the kid who kicking around the ball and not only scores for the team, but also assist on breaking the school lamp. But today, I'm not going to kick something because I'm not a kid anymore but a blogger.

I come back to my old school, Jerudong Primary School because they are engaging event which is Children's Day. The event run from 2nd July 2010 to 4th July 2010.

During the events, lots of activities will be brought in for the enjoyment of the parents and their children. One of it is mini-games like one held in this hall.

But, before you can play any of the mini-game, you must buy the coupon first. 1 coupon price at BND 1.00 and one mini-game price 1 coupon.

However, all are worthwhile if you have skill to play all these games and win more than a piece of coupon. All of these mini-games are run by the teacher who teach here in Jerudong Primary School.


Balloon Dart.


Coconut bowling.

Eye-toy! The Playstation 2 game. Sure if they put guitar hero game, I will sweep the tickets clean!

Lift and Move (And where's the guardian?)

Guessing the number of mobile recharge card and building a pyramid with plastics glass in 15 second. Deserted.


The school also held a small art expo at the corner of the hall to showcase the public the talent of the school's pupil on art. The theme of the expo is all about the important of environment and health.

Some of the art that are being display to the public.

The event actually are divided into 2 areas. One is at the hall which is at the bottom of the school hill. And the second area is on the top of the hill where all the administration building and nearly all the class are located. And at this area, the activities is more happening.

Why more happening? Look at the line and the crowd. The game is more attractive than in the hall.

Bouncer! That should attract the kids! Playing the bouncer cost BND 0.50 and are monitored by the teacher there. Thats why I can't join the kid.

Girls too didn't want to lose their chances playing these big toys!

Other than the mini-games, the school also setting up several booths around the school compound, not only to quench the thirst this rampaging kids but also to support the economy of the village.

Booth nearby to the hall 001: Selling agricultural products and food.

Booth nearby to the hall 002: Selling sweets and beverage.

Booth nearby to the hall 003: Cloths, apparels and lots more.

Booth nearby to the bouncer 001: Plasticware!

Booth nearby to the bouncer 002: Garments! And some Anime cds.

Booth nearby to the bouncer 003: This cannot be considered a booth because all of the product are tie on a flag pole! Everything is under BND 10.00.

Booth nearby to the bouncer 004-006: Foods and drinks.

Booth nearby to the bouncer 007-008: Books, jewelery, bags and etc.

The school also held a 'Run for Fun' event. But out of luck, the event start after I left the school. Well, will try to cover it this weekend with my mate from my ex-dorm. And thats the latest update from me. If you want to know what is happening before the school term holiday, click HERE. To my SVW mates, see you around.

p.s.: I'm reconsidering dropping from SVW. Sorry.
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